You’re not as innocent as you think…

Because everybody’s a victim in 2017, or wants to play one, let me speak directly to those who are so helpless & innocent they can’t tell a broken fe/male from a [mostly] healed one..

I’m going to attempt to keep this brief & to the point. I’ve witnessed a lot of finger pointing going on between which came first chicken or the egg on these internet streets, when in reality they’re both the same chicken, just in different stages of life but I digress.

There’s an ongoing debate on whose at fault for the break down of the black community here in the West, so without getting too deep, let’s just say it’s my fault. 30yrs on this planet & I still view everything outside of me as OUT-SIDE of me.. Just Sit with that one for a minute..

By now you’ve survived all the trauma living in the first world has to offer. I know how tough it is having Indoor plumbing,  access to the front entrance of anywhere you dare to purchase goods & services from, passports to leave and go wherever you want whenever you want.. not having drones bomb your entire neighborhoods, or better yet, having the freedom to parade through public streets full nude & proclaim that others are wrong for not embracing YOUR willingness to be well, butt-naked in public. It’s tough living like this, & things really need to change for the better, I totally get it. You’ve played the victim so long you can’t even tell you’ve actually become your captor.. You’ve actually become the predator we all love to hate.. Let me explain.

As taboo of a subject this may be, it has to be said. When a person experiences some level of trauma, be it armed robbery, car accident, domestic violence, death of a loved one, sexual trauma, or even divorce there’s an energy transfer that happens. The person being so-called taken advantage of “victim/innocent bystander/protagonist/prey” will always take on some of the aggressors/antagonist/predator characteristics. Again without getting to deep, I just want to show you how to avoid becoming a victim of those who still wreak of their predators/aggressors energy.

Here are my top 3 victims I would advise all the “good/innocent” folk steer clear of… (Just so we’re clear, I fit into ALL 3 categories. Now let’s go!!!)

1) Domestic Violence

2) Sexual Abuse

3) Divorcee’s



1) Domestic Violence.

See with them you never know the level of trauma they may or may not have experienced. We’re they sexually aroused after these encounters? We’re the disputes due to both parties inability to control their emotions which led to them taking turns beating the crap out of one another be it verbal/intellectual, emotional/subconscious or physical abuse? Was alcohol/drugs always apart of their domestic violence foreplay?

I mean seriously look at all the variables in This equation before dealing with someone who has been in a DV situation because neither parties are victims. They more than likely took turns abusing one another be it codependency or being an enabler. At some point the adrenaline rush became addictive they couldn’t leave until it happened in front of an outsider. Or until they were no longer aroused by that other person anymore. The “thrill” was gone once The highs became lows & lows became the highs, but even years after the relationship ended they still haven’t managed to figure out how to STOP attracting the same energies that got them in that position to begin with. You have to understand some things that come natural to you, raisinh your voice when excited, going silent when you need alone time, or using certain slang & mannerisms could trigger those suppressed memories. So it’s up to YOU, “good/decent/innocent” person to peep their level of trauma & choose your next move accordingly.


2) Sexual Abuse. See these are probably the most interesting complex entities on this planet. And I say entities because what I’ve come to realize is that the only thing that would ever prey on the innocence of a child, has to be something intermingling between realms that only feeds on the highest most pure energetic source such that of the human child. I’m talking about succubus & incubus entities here.

Again, without getting too deep let’s just say ALL prey has the free will to choose whether they’re going to continue being a poor little victim or become the predator itself by taking their power back. It’s up to the individual on how that will manifest into their reality. With that being said, these entities in adult human form would be your “fuck boys” & “maneaters.” Very attractive, alluring, enticing, self sabotaging, manipulative, cunning & there’s just “something” about them you just can’t put your finger on but you HAVE to experience us.. I get it. No matter what you’ve heard, You just gotta take a sip, have a little bite of the forbidden fruit on some Adam & Eve shit but as the succubus/incubus we I mean they are, they know you’ll forever be changed.. forever hooked on that feeling we give you.


As “wrong” as it may be to lure you in with candy, by Gawd the shockwaves we send through your body.. Leaving your hunger for us insatiable, this turning you into a new form of predator. Always hunting for your next fix. Irritable because it can never be duplicated. I could tell you to run from us, but lets be honest you’re here for the human experience anyway so telling you to stay away dont touch that only makes you curious & want it even more. So to you i say, Indulge at your own risk cause one person’s triggers are another person’s foreplay…

3) The Divorcee.

Always the savior, never the one being saved. They were so love-struck, so engulfed in the idea of a white picket fence Huxtable fantasy they couldn’t see the forest til they got smacked by the trees. Now everybody reminds them of their ex. The ex they CHOSE to sign a “til death/better or worse” contract with, under the illusion it will get better once the ink dries. Only to realize people change when titles are placed in front of their names.. placed in their deal, office doors, social media avatar. It all feeds into the shadowy parts of the ego & it’s fear based. Anytime a person brings up their ex-spouse in conversation with their potential new mate, without being asked they’re still in victim mode. And No matter what you say, how you dress, open doors, make your own money, answer on the first ring, keep your body in shape, all they’re going to see is their ex, within you. It’s a gamble that may or may not be worth the payout. I know how you want to prove you’re not like the others, we’re still in this human form. You are going to possess similar character traits of other humans especially their ex. Why? because their energetic imprint is still being carried with them and its literally bursting through their subconscious uninvited into your everyday conversation. Don’t become them wishing they hadn’t glossed over the red flags for the sake of being able to say “at least I got somebody.”

Okay, so this turned out to be longer than expected but the moral of the story is simple.. We all have free will And if you in your adult body, of sound mind CHOOSES to remain comfortable wallowing in the narrative of always being the victim who’s never the predator seeking to conquer, destroy or prey on the gullibility/naivety of another for your own Preservation (or entertainment) of Self, then have at it. For those of us who know we’ve played the victim knowing full well we’re the predator then it’s up to us to turn these willing participants in their own self destructive patterns, away.. Or not. Free will works both ways. Who knows, You might be running towards your own tribe. The Choice is always yours. Thanks for reading. 



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