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34hrs in Purgatory… A “short-short” story.





“Saint vs. Sinner.. A short [love/fear] story.”

Dear Vegas, i just think its funny how….


You look “better”when the lights are off.. And I now understand why i hate it here. At night you people illuminate the shadows with Christmas lights as if it’s all “fun & games.” Scantily clad, smiling women with crying eyes and painted faces, at every entrance.. Excess, greed & debauchery dwell here and It is not that I’m against any of this. I just… This place is a physical manifestation of my OWN mind. And it’s changing.. Everyday the old mind, is changing.. but this “city of sins” is a stark reminder of where I’ve been, where people are, and where others can only DREAM of visiting… my mind. I see the best & worst parts of it here… But it’s daytime, I have no CHOICE but to see you/me for the predatory beast you/we are… #darkYogi #firstWorld in the #thirdWorld #theDragonflyAffect