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Black womban, Insatiable.


Drinking from another woman creates an insatiable thirst.

Observing orgasmic convulsions from another woman creates an image only comparable to that of waves in the ocean.

The arch of her spine starts at the neck. Which looks as if the brain & lower spinal cord are uniting for the first time.. electrically. And the “waves” in between creates the arching motion.. gently, and which each flick of the tongue to her clitoris, grip of the thigh, caress of her calves, the arch deepens. Her voice jumps an octave, and the earth-quakes. Tsunami.

Black woman, insatiable. #waves #darkYogi #theDragonflyAffect

It’s okay to choke me baby… Here, Let me explain why.

Lil Red & The Big Bad Wolf…

Finding Light Within Shadows…


By: The Dark Yogi


Without going too far into detail, I knew May 2016 was going to be the beginning/ending of a chapter… The beginning/ending of an era.. The death/birth of a being.. no, an entity bigger than myself. A movement of sorts…. But first, parts of the hyper-aware conscious/yang left-brained self, needed to be sacrificed… That harsh cold hyper-judgmental part of self.. the hyper-discernment (not hypervigilant because there’s a difference… trust!) All the rules I set for myself.. boundaries I vowed to NEVER cross… I, with all the vigor & self-righteousness of a southern Baptist bible belt raised Virgo, with one swig of a bottle, I forsaked them all!!!  This short story, was the initiation… the joining of the heart ceremony… shadow-self & the light… when predator met the perfect prey… oh yeah, and the consummation of our “Unholy Matrimony” between two souls of female African descent on the banks of America’s very own Nile… Now, Prepare to sip your judgmental tea while reading such alluring FILTH…

THERE’S YOUR WARNING.  Continue reading It’s okay to choke me baby… Here, Let me explain why.