Redbone Fetish Aside: “Black Love & loyalty” sure does hurt..

I had to put my little red-bone fetish aside for this one… Let’s get right to it.

You people praising ‪#‎Korryn‬ should be on suicide watch… Living vicariously through someone who all but BLATANTLY told police that they were going to HAVE TO KILL HER “tuh-day,” not tomorrow, but “tuh-day.” The ‘folks’ stood there pleading with her, (a good 5-7minutes longer than #SandraBland extra rude self) NOT to do this, and the fact that she would rather die than comply speaks volumes… but I digress


The more I think about it, you guys remind me of church mothers always talking about how you can’t wait for the good Lord to return & take you with him… ready to die (‪#‎noBiggieSmalls)‬ except you don’t have the balls/ovaries to do it yourselves. She made it look noble to go out like that.. instead of leaving her damn near 40yr old man, & her kids behind to go find herself, she would rather DIE… that way she didn’t “look weak” or that motherhood/wife-hood wasn’t draining her of life force.. draining her of her youth.. Yea, I see you all… Hmph.  Self preservation is LAW and in MY eyes, she violated it. They both did. 


Now out of curiosity, if you’re reading this blog I shouldn’t HAVE to use a word key to explain what these “conscious” words mean so lets get right to it..

Show of hands…

Hands up

LADIES: How many of you people have survived a ‪#‎hotep‬ relationship? Had a child or 3 with a ‪#‎hotepNaga‬ huh? Entered into a poly-type relationship just to get a break from that ‪#‎naga‬ huh? How many of yall done compromised your own inner peace, sacrificed friendships, jobs, jumped stateline after stateline for/with a ‪#‎hotepnigga‬ huh? How many of yall were too proud or too fearful to leave that man and seek refuge with those same family members to forsaked just to prove loyalty that “well re-versed” man? How many times that NAGA go upside your head when you attempted to leave while you sat back and watch him “talk things out” with his male comrades due to a “misunderstanding”?

domestic violence
Maintaining that “black love” image sure does hurt…

MALES: How many of you have been “this” type of brother? Self-esteem so low you’re “only attracted” to newly conscious females? Preferably 1 child or less UNDER the age of 25? Were your intentions pure? Were they righteous? Or did you see unconquered territory and simply wanted to plant your flag?



LADIES: How many of yall over or under 30 that are DONE having children (in YOUR eyes) but your KANG wants a good four more so you jump on the Polygamy train JUST TO have a spare womb in the house? Just to have some sense of sensual balanced feminine energy in the house?



Now look at ‪#‎Korryn‬ situation… Where do YOU fit in this narrative? (give or take Poly-lifestyle narrative) Tell me why you’re riding so hard on this one… Matter of fact, Don’t tell me, I already know. Its rhetorical… You want to rebel, have your voices heard, you wanna “matter” to those who wronged you.. give a BIG f**k you to ALL religious organizations for lying to your bloodline for generations, stealing granny’s coins every 1st and 3rd Sunday.. you want to show the ONE who left you high and dry for some young tender back in ’06 what they missed out on but guess what? Its 2016, and they still don’t give a fuck about you… Face that shit and move on already!!! 10years later and that pain is STILL popping up when you get stopped by someone of authority, someone holding the door at the post office, asking to help you load groceries in your vehicle… 10 years later and you STILL spazzing on folks for simply doing their job.. Loyal to wo/men, causes who don’t have your  best interest at heart.. All that “knowledge” and you’re still lost sheep amongst these wolves being led to slaughter… SMDH


Oh and in terms of modern day “Black Love” if THIS is what being loyal looks like, if this is what “real love” entails, I respectfully decline. Think its best i work on self awhile longer. At least til Jesus returns..  Besides, He’s the only one that knows my heart. Amen?! #staySleep




Self Preservation Is Law… Thanks for reading. -T. D Hooks‪

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