Intro to Dragonfly….

The Dragonfly Affect….

By: T.D Hooks 


It all made sense last night. Why my brothers and sisters (skin-folk) molested me. Why my brothers (skin-folk) raped me…  Spread rumors of how their “CONQUEST” enjoyed it.. The shredding of her hymen.. The terror oops I mean LUST in her eyes..  The smile i painted on when returning home later that evening.. The self-preserving smile I was “self-taught” to display to hide the shame of no longer being a Virgin… the guilt of under-age drinking that sweet Peach Boone’s Farm.. Hanging & watching adult movies with 16yr old teenaged male step-cousins & step-sisters… the pain radiating between my thighs yet trying with all my might to not LOOK broken.. The fight to keep my head held high at school.. the fight to remain “focused” on the positives in life.. The physical fight I CHOSE (fight, flight, or freeze) to not put up being (what I perceived to be) that I was both physically out-matched, out witted and outnumbered… I froze.  The mantra that states this too shall pass… the law of detachment (from the physical body/realm).. Yep, at the tender age of 11, Young Dragonfly began to master the art of “faking it” for the next 15+ years of her life… That day I accepted that my body no longer belonged to me…


Now that that’s out of the way, let me speak on how I came to understand why predators prey… It’s been said that back in ancient times the ancestor’s believed that if you procreated with those within your bloodline, the stronger the offspring. Of course the outcome is quite the opposite but let’s just stop right there for a second.


As taboo as this subject matter is, I am going to speak on it anyway. So please, bare with me as I share my healing journey in “The Dragonfly Affect” where I will make an honest  attempt to explain this in great detail, publicly. As you may or may not already know, this is coming from sheer observation of Self and others I’ve been fortunate enough to come into contact with over the last 28 years of my physical existence. Peace…







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4 thoughts on “Intro to Dragonfly….”

  1. Im so glad that you are bringing light to such darkness so many of us relate to… in your healing others will begin to heal♡
    Root Doula~

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