Men Over Males: A Queer Dominant’s Observation of UnderDeveloped Masculinity in Adult Age Males

I have never experienced disrespect while Demonstrating.. Interruptions, outburst, thrown shoes, tears & shit? Absolutely. But outright disrespect, from a fellow artist? Nah.. never..
Until Friday night.
Crazy thing is, whenever there’s resistance to ANY capacity towards the Energy I’m presenting, it’s always a Straight-Presenting adult age Black Male.
And I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the problem was, until my submissive explained it from Her perspective. She said the male was so disruptive & seemingly unaware of just how loud he was, that people left due to irritation with him.
She said everyone felt it. Not just you, the whole room was uncomfortable, because of him.
So, I’ve just been sitting with this. As I’m no stranger to Opposition, outright disrespect & refusal to comply with the rules set forth by the hosts prior to exhibition/final 10 minute demonstration, (in this setting) is brand new to me.
Ya know, I’ve observed how this culture treats same-sex loving people so I shouldn’t expect much more, even in a mixed setting such as Friday nights space. But as a Lesbian Dominatrix & Shibari Artist serving the general public, this experience reminded me of why we really & truly DESERVE our own spaces.
Straight-Presenting Men, keep doing your thing. I applaud, honor, & Respect the Divinity in you.
Adult Age Straight Presenting Black Males, Natural Selec… **redacted**
Black Women, you deserve better.
Queer Centered Spaces Only, from 3/18/2022 forward. ????
I would like to make it plain, that The Organizer put together a dope ass concept. Their host/assistant even tried their best to calm things but that one “bad” spacially unaware individual just… Damn. ????
Positives? I was surrounded by Supportive Black Women who love TF out of me the WHOLE night. We arrived separately but left that bish as ONE.. So yes, I can overstand why that might make others act-out, glitch and/or feel a way. I don’t respect it, but I do OVER stand it.
I’m not your enemy, adult-aged Black Male, YOU ARE!
It’s a RED for me and this is where I leave you.. ???? ????????
Thanks for reading.. -Dark Yogi
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