1. Hey family! Just wanted to give a testimony and share that I recently had a release session with Taisha and it was everything! If you’ve dealt with childhood sexual abuse, then it is necessary. It has done more and has been way more effective than any therapy session I have ever had. Just to be able to talk with someone in consciousness that has had similar experiences and being able to receive advice on effective ways to release trauma has done wonders for me. I’m very excited to continue working with her. Wherever you are on your path, if you know you need it, don’t hesitate. Do it. I’m glad I did. C.M

    2. Speaking with Dark Yogi about my childhood sexual traumas has been very eye opening – on more levels than one . I’m using these levels as foundations to begin healing and growth . The biggest part of the Release Session for me was being able to talk and not feel I was being judged , only understood . Before this , I’d never told anyone . Let alone said those words “I was molested” out loud . Being able to say that is a Release in itself .

    I think anyone going through the same (or a similar) trauma should be able to speak to someone who will understand . For those who are ready , I recommend Dark Yogi’s Release Session because – it is exactly that . With no judgement . She has a natural vibe and openness that immediately puts you at ease . As well as she provides insight based on her own experiences . Invaluable !

    Thank you Dark Yogi .



    My release session with Dark Yogi allowed me to finally release a weight that I’ve been carrying for a very time. As a man I can say I have never been in safe place to talk about the sexual abuse that has occurred in my life. She allowed me to freely express myself with ABSOLUTELY ZERO JUDGEMENT! Her incorporation of astrology gave the session a holistic approach and she gave me techniques in order to come over my past trauma. No amount of money can buy the piece of mind that our conversation has brought me. . I’m eternally grateful for her spiritual insight and wisdom of the REAL chakra work that melanted people need. Dark Yogi is truly a root chakra specialist and I recommend her to any male or female who has dealt with sexual abuse in their life.
    Nelson G Clark


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