Release Sessions, Pull Up & Yoga/Reiki (DFW only)

Release Sessions are confidential conversations/consultations between myself, Dragonfly, & the individual who feels they’re ready to begin the process of healing from childhood sexual abuse. Don’t get it twisted, I Am NOT a  licensed professional therapist. This is purely an energy exchange. Im just a guide that uses her life as a “how to manual” for those that dare to not only survive sexual trauma, but take back their power from those that preyed upon their innocence. These sessions, promote the courage it takes to not only speak their truth, but walk firmly into it. Also, Release Sessions will now include ONLINE yoga.. “Pull Up & Yoga/Reiki” is only available in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area at this time.)


30-60 minutes $35.00 includes ONE (1) online yoga session

60-75 minutes  $55.00 includes 2(TWO) online yoga sessions

75-90 minutes $75.00 includes (3) THREE “Pull-Up & Yoga/Reiki Sessions” (currently only available in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Tx and surrounding areas)

Solo “Pull Up & Yoga” $15/per session (Only available in DFW & local surrounding areas, includes yoga mat, guided meditation & aura cleanse)


Only when YOU are ready… ✌



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