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Dragonfly is just your typical country girl from a rural Arkansas delta town named Marianna. She’s not college educated, or married byway of state. Nah, Dragonfly is a survivor of child incest-rape and molestation… like many of her 80s baby, Ronald Regan crack era resilient peers, she’s a product of teenage pregnancy… raised humbly and righteously by her great-grandparents whom followed the stereotypical black southern Baptist church doctrine that had been passed down for generations… She would later decide to take back what was STOLEN (innocence) from her by selling it men from $50-500 a pop depending on whether the trick was nice to her or not… And then she grew up. This is her own’UR’shit story…



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Dragonfly: symbolizes change & change in the perspective of self realization… the kind of change that has its source in mental/emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life. "- www.dragonfly-site.com Affect: To have an influence on or effect change.